Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tokyo Park Hotel

I've arrived in one piece. Have a room on the 34th floor with an amazing view of the city and train tracks, great for watching the bullet trains come and go. The weather's awful, grey and drizzly and so humid my clothes were sticking to me after a 10 minute walk. I was too tired to go anywhere for lunch so I came back to my room via the local konbini and bought snacks instead. Had a shower and now I'm watching daytime terebi. The only English language channel is the oh-so-serious BBC World so I've been flicking away and I'm sure the women's voices get squeakier as the channel numbers get higher. I watched a cooking programme where they made 'creamy spaghetti' with mayonnaise and a yellow barf-like concoction. Then I'm certain that the pretty-boy chef (who was wearing eyeliner) added mint sauce and stirred it all together in an ice-filled bain-marie. Top tips for us Europeans, we've clearly been doing it wrong all this time.

Desperately trying to stay awake for another couple of hours since it's only 5pm but I'm lagging badly. Laters.


Alastair said...

Hello, make sure you stay awake! I fell asleep on a park bench recently in Beijing at about 6pm, and nearly slid off on to the ground! It's grey and drizzly here today too.

Anonymous said...

now i know what to cook for dinner tonight!

how do you not get soaked in that toilet?

love from warren street,
kissley & ed

michikoharris said...

Hope you have time and appetite for
Mos burger and Mr Doughnuts.
That fails, you can still drink and smoke in an air-conditioned hotel bar?
Just do not wear a grey t shirt.

reen said...

What is Mos Burger and can I get one with may on rye?

Anonymous said...

hi Vic

I love to imagine you in japan, using all that London-learned language.

I have started learning Russian. So far I'm half an hour in.
Lots of love!


Sandy said...

Oi! Crystal Tips! (is it the same Alastair leaving comments I wonder....I know, tis will mean nothing to anyone under forty and not from the UK)suggest stop eating burgers and collecting tat and do something with your hair...
Eduardo is in fine fettle - and in fact left most of his fettle on my new white shirt; I had to force myself to eat half a packet of Thorntons millionaire shortbread squares to cheer myself up.
He send you whiskery kisses.
Boiling hot here - have to go and have cold beer now I think....X