Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Love the Stuff

Ah Daiso! 5 floors of pound-shopper's heaven but make that 80p. Took the Yamanote line this morning which is like the Circle line but overground and with aircon. I might just go and sit on it for the rest of the day, it's sunny out and hotter than a MacBook Pro.

Arrived in Harajuku before the shops had opened so I had a stroll around and was a sweaty mess by the time the temple Daiso opened. Worth it though, I got a bag full of super-useful tat. Reenie: I got you a 'ranchi bokusu' that you'll be able to fit a whole tomato into, providing you slice it first. I'm still hunting for the chair socks that I saw last time and have been kicking myself ever since for not buying. They were like little dog-booties to stop you scuffing your floors but I liked the idea that you could prevent your chair-legs from getting chilly.

Anyway Mos Burger calls, I have to walk through an underground 'city' to get to the station, it's slightly less humid than the street though. Mmmm, chilli-dog.

1 comment:

reen said...

Herro! Sank you for photo of toiret!!
Make bottom nice crean and fragrant!
I am practicing sricing tomato awready!

The view is fabulous- are the 'lady and man packages' kitty food or what?

Takre care and talk soon!