Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mos Burger

In answer to Reenie's question, Mos Burger is like McDonalds but better…slightly…a bit. The branch I went to today was staffed entirely by elderly ladies, one of which was having a bit of trouble with the stairs. They were very sweet and looked hip in their Mos visors. I tried to do the Mr Spicy (hot dog) quiz on my place mat but I fell at the first kanji, it was probably aimed at five year-olds. It was oishikatta (delicious) but the coke was a bit dubious even if it was in a real glass.

I couldn't find a Mr Donut today so I branched out into Doughnut Planet for a cup of coffee. Managed to find a seat outside, in the shade, with a breeze. Luxury! The heat is getting to me, I have feet like barrage balloons and fingers like Wall's sausages (uncooked). My hair looks like it did when I was ten and anti-frizz serums hadn't occurred to John Frieda yet and my eyelids crunch with salt every time I blink. Had to retreat to my hotel room with pot noodles and crisps again but I might see if a shower and a quick rest can revive me. It's unlikely though, I've been up since five this morning and it's nearly seven thirty now so I've seen the sun rise and set today. I might just see what's cooking on the telly but if there's girls under the age of twenty-one on it I'm going to have to mute them. ‘Night.


reen said...

Mos burger sounds fun! Thanks for steeing me straight!

I checked the temps in Tokyo: mega hot. Wet towels and put on forehead!And put feet in super loo with salt- draws out swelling!
At least they're Walls and not a Cumberland ring!

Keep well,


Anonymous said...

it was hot in paris too and no aircon anywhere...not even our hotel.

i bet i can rival your swelled-up feet. i don't know about english sausages, but my feet looked like the michelin man.

please post pics of your hair.

love from warren street,
kissley & ed

reen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD RADY! (Vic will be quite grown up on the 14th July, but she will always be my little sister!) rots and rots of lurve and kisses from Reen and Mom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx